Our basic and fundamental beliefs that guide and motivate, attitudes, and actions.


At KD we believe that there is no substitute for the hours we put into our business. We love what we do, and we do not watch the clock. We do not rely solely on our talent; we demand the highest levels of performance of ourselves – this is what makes us different.


We live by these principles. We never commit to what we can’t do and if we do commit then you know it will be done. Our name and reputation are our most valuable commodity, and we never compromise on its preservation. We mean what we say, our word is our bond. It’s what we use to build trust and confidence and real relationships with our customers.


“We don’t ship junk” – Steve Jobs. Like Steve we only put our name on products and brands we can be proud of. Our relentless commitment to quality and quality execution means that if you see a KD logo at the back of your product then you can rest assured it’s met with our impeccably high standards.


We are the sum of our parts. We employ the best so we can deliver the best. Our team is our family, and we care for one another in and out the office. We stand together towards our common goal in the most effective and efficient way. When challenges present themselves, we pull together and find solutions and always celebrate in each other’s victories. People make companies, and our people are our secret sauce.


We take ownership of everything we do and always hold ourselves personally accountable to ensure we can deliver the best results possible.  As difficult as the situation may appear to be, we remain resolute in our resolve. At KD we FIND A WAY. – no matter what !


We care about making a meaningful difference in our country and on our planet. We are committed to moving to a greener , cleaner world with sustainability at its core. We care about up-skilling youth ,creating employment and opportunity for those previously disadvantaged groups. We believe in equality and non-discrimination of any kind. We believe in empathy, kindness, compassion and corporate responsibility.