Our team of experienced key account managers and sales executives are experts in all manner of sales, account and channel management. Our performance-based culture motivates our KAMS to strive for success, to never settle for the status quo, and to always push the business and the industry forward.


Our state of the art warehouse and stock management system ensures that all our supply chains rests on a rock solid base. With sophisticated batch and bin tracking and location we ensure that we efficiently manage our stock holding and execute on our shipping with speed and precision.

Our trucking network extends far and wide across the country, and ensures our deliveries arrive safe, secure and on time.


Our data analytics provides both KD staff and our partners real time access and snapshots of key performance indicators and metrics that play a critical role is us effectively managing our accounts. Our industry leading custom built system gives us incredible flexibility,  control and insights in to our numbers and provides a platform upon which we are able to maximize sales and revenue.


Our financial team ensures that we are fully complaint with all regulatory responsibilities. Our team ensures that we honour our commitments to our customers and that all records are kept meticulously in preparation for annual audits and reviews. Powered by SAGE our accounting software is robust and able to cope with our growth and expansion.


Fuelled by a passion for quality manufacturing KD consistently provides the high quality products that our customers have come to expect. We work with the finest ingredients, use the most premier equipment and employ the greatest  people to ensure the highest quality.


Our marketing department offers an exciting and fast-paced environment. By understanding our customer’s needs and delighting them with solutions that build brand loyalty across all of our unique markets: foodservice, retail, and ingredients, this dynamic team delivers a tangible impact to the business and our customers.


Our team of graphic designers are truly “best in class”. Our multi-talented team is able to design and execute a variety of different styles in the various categories we participate in. We pride ourselves on our packaging and designs that stand out a mile from the crowd.